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Hey! I'm Denisse Alvidrez, a passionate visual lead and dedicated product designer.

My journey in the world of design began with a curiosity to understand how visual elements shape our perceptions and interactions. I began as a brand designer for the first 8 years of my career to later make the jump into product design. From the bustling streets of Mexico to collaborating with teams worldwide, I've cultivated a unique perspective that seamlessly fuses diverse cultural influences into my work.

With a curious spirit and a determination to evolve, I'm always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities. Collaborating with diverse teams and individuals is where I thrive, as the exchange of ideas fuels my innovation. So, whether you're seeking a captivating visual identity or a thoughtful product, I'm here to transform your vision into an inspiring reality.

My work experience

Senior Product Designer

London, England. Working Remotely from Guadalajara, México

Creating user-centered and visually appealing products and design systems by blending creativity, research, and collaboration.

Visual Design Lead

San Francisco, USA. Working Remotely from Guadalajara, México

Directing the digital design team, shaping the visual style of products. Ensuring design coherence, guide artistic choices, and collaborate across teams to create compelling visuals that align with product objectives and brand identity.

Senior Product Designer

San Francisco, USA. Working Remotely from Guadalajara, México

Leading projects, collaborate with teams, maintain design consistency, and mentor junior designers, all while staying updated on design trends and enhancing user experiences.

Senior Graphic Designer

New York City, USA. Working Remotely from Guadalajara, México

Leading the development of powerful visual content by applying expert design skills and creative insights. Guiding projects, maintain brand consistency and creating designs that captivate audiences and communicate messages effectively.

Senior Graphic Designer

Guadalajara, Mexico.

Creating engaging visuals aligned with brand goals, collaborating with marketing teams to drive successful campaigns.

Art Director Intern

Istanbul Turkey Working onsite in Turkey

Helping senior art directors in shaping visual concepts, creating design assets, and maintaining brand consistency. Gaining experience in design techniques, contribute to brainstorming sessions, and assist in executing creative strategies.

Graphic Designer

Chihuahua, Mexico.

Designing visual identities and creating content, typography, and imagery for engaging layouts in magazines and other publications, ensuring effective communication of brand values to the audience.

2013 - 2012

Junior Graphic Designer

Chihuahua, Mexico.

Supporting senior designers in creating visual elements, generating concepts, and contributing to the visual design of the 2013 governors election in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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